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2023 HubSpot CMS Templates - The Most Successful Themes

Struggling to choose the right theme for your HubSpot website? Here are 6 questions to ask yourself to pick the best fit for your brand and business.

HubSpot CMS Templates

Lohn Jennon

With an adept understanding of customer relationship management and an uncanny ability to demystify the intricacies of HubSpot, Lohn's captivating prose illuminates the path for businesses to optimize their operations and achieve remarkable success.

Few things are as scary to a marketer than creating or redesigning a website. From site structure to page layout, color choice to imagery, there are just so many decisions to make, many of them visual requiring development behind the scenes. 

Thankfully, HubSpot themes are here to save the day! With themes, all the intricate details are taken care of, perfectly packaged for you to customize and launch a site in less time and with less effort. The only problem? You need to choose the right theme for your business.

What is a HubSpot theme? 

Before choosing your HubSpot theme, you first need to understand what it is. A theme is not a template. While HubSpot has thousands of templates you can use to develop individual website pages, a theme is bigger than that: it’s a collection of templates, custom modules, and settings that allows you to build an entire website without a developer’s help. 

Choosing the right HubSpot theme for your business 

With almost 150 themes currently available, selecting one can be a bit overwhelming. You don’t want to spend hours combing through every last detail of each option, but you can’t afford to pick one at random and run with it, either. 

Who is your audience? 

Your website isn’t for you: it’s for your customers. It’s essential to think about your buyer personas when choosing a HubSpot theme. 

What kind of people are they, and what kind of sites are they used to seeing? Corporate professionals will be attracted to a very different website than a young person seeking out travel tips, for example. 

What functionality will they need to work with you? What are their expectations? All of these important questions will help you narrow down your choice of themes. 

There is the option to filter by industry, such as themes specifically created for professional services, but we encourage you to look beyond the filters and focus on the individual theme. You might fit the right fit for your brand in a category you don’t expect!

What pages do you need? 

Every company and website is different. Some businesses really only need a home page to display their offerings and a contact page with a simple form. Others have fully fleshed-out navigation structures with 10+ pages. It all depends on what you’re showcasing and offering to your customers. 

You also need to consider what kind of pages your website requires. Some of the most commonly offered in HubSpot themes include: 

Some themes have vastly different templates for each of these page types, while others have the same basic structure with just a few tweaks. You’ll need to find a theme that fits your criteria and has the right combination of pages for your business. 

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