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Streamlining Success: How 'Marketing Management' Doubled Efficiency with CloneNer.

In the fast-paced realm of marketing, time is of the essence. 'Marketing Management' found a game-changing solution to their data duplication challenges with CloneNer, and the results speak for themselves. Dive into the success story of a team that doubled their efficiency and eliminated redundancy effortlessly.

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Save time on deal duplication with CloneNer, which preserves all associated records and their relationships seamlessly.

Result 1

CloneNer emerged as the beacon of efficiency for Marketing Management. Now, they can allocate their time where it matters most—crafting compelling marketing strategies.

Result 2 

This not only streamlined their workflow but also facilitated collaboration within the team. As a result, Marketing Management experienced improved communication and a synchronized approach to their marketing initiatives.

About the Customer - Marketing Management Company


The customer and their experience at every stage of the sales cycle: buyers change and continue to evolve. At Marketing Management, we want brands and companies to build and bring to life their own audience, just like they have their customer file. We believe that the methodology and tools used support and have a lasting impact on business development.

marketing management

We help you increase your income by integrating HubSpot CRM, marketing, and customer relations.


What 4CRMs (CloneNer) Users Are Saying

Thierry said the 4CRMs team's proactive approach to providing additional features for free not only demonstrated their commitment to user satisfaction but also demonstrated CloneNer as a valuable and cost-effective tool.

CloneNer has become the backbone of Marketing Management's data management strategy, offering a reliable and efficient solution to a critical CRM functionality gap. The success story of Marketing Management exemplifies how CloneNer can transform workflows, save time, and foster collaboration, ultimately contributing to the overall success of businesses. Experience the same transformation—try CloneNer today.

Marketing Management

“Simple to set up Simple to use Good to duplicate tickets in the pipeline. Will try for deals. This seems to do exactly what we're looking for”

Calderon, T.

- Fondateur & CEO de MMIO - at Marketing Management

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