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Streamlining Objects (Deals, Tickets) Renewals with CloneNer

Welcome to the success story of 'Velocity Growth' and CloneNer! Discover how CloneNer improves deal duplication for businesses just like yours.

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CloneNer helped save a lot of valuable time when duplicating deals in HubSpot for Velocity Growth. This app easily stores all related records and their relationships. Using automatic duplication, you can easily get rid of routine work with each instance.

10x ROI

The impact was immediate and undeniable. By embracing CloneNer, 'Velocity Growth' reclaimed precious time and resources. What once took 10 hours a month was now completed effortlessly, liberating the team to pursue strategic endeavors. The return on investment was staggering, with CloneNer delivering a remarkable 10x ROI. 

$4,000 - 5,000 annually

Priced at just $40 per month, CloneNer saves  'Velocity Growth'  a remarkable $4,000 annually (Manually duplication took like 10mins per deal. 50 deals * 10 mins = 10 hours / month. That's one extra day out of 20 in a month!) – funds that can be reinvested into driving growth and innovation.

Over 90%

From a staggering 10 hours per month to mere minutes, CloneNer slashes deal renewal time by over 90%, liberating 'Velocity Growth' team to focus on strategic initiatives.

About the Customer -'Velocity Growth'  Company


We, at Velocity Growth,  start by reviewing your business, looking at the entire lifecycle of your customer, how you position your company, and what your goals are. We then build out a growth strategy that aligns our expertise with your goals. The deliverable is a growth model, playbook, and scorecard we use to power your growth engine. We leverage these assets as the backbone of our ongoing strategy.


We have in-house strategy, content, and editing so our programs are ready to go – quickly. 
We believe in an experiment driven approach and don’t try to force channels on you. We systematically test our way to efficient, effective customer demand.  Our team can own the entire process, or augment your internal team if that’s your preference.


What 4CRMs (CloneNer) Users Are Saying

Gergely Bisztriánszky, the Head of Growth in Activation & Lifecycle Marketing at Velocity Growth, has lauded the app for its exceptional efficiency in automating renewal deal creation. In his review, he emphasizes the simplicity of setting up the tool, highlighting its advanced capabilities surpassing those of built-in HubSpot solutions. Gergely commends the developer team for their outstanding support, consistently accommodating additional feature development requests.

In terms of tangible outcomes, Gergely reports a remarkable 10-fold increase in ROI for the company, alongside significant cost savings. Moreover, the app has substantially slashed the time required for agreement renewal by over 90%, reflecting its profound impact on operational efficiency.

Overall, Gergely's review serves as a testament to the app's effectiveness in streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, and delivering substantial returns on investment for businesses.

Gergely Bisztriánszky
Velocity Growth

“Great tool to automate renewal deal creation, really simple to set up, and has more capabilities than any other built-in HubSpot solutions. The developer team and their support is also excellent, always helpful with aditional feature development on request.
We use it for:
-Auto clone objects 
-Clone line items 
-Copy associations even to custom objects (association labels are also in progress)“

Gergely Bisztriánszky

-  Head of Growth - Activation & Lifecycle Marketing at Velocity Growth

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