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How CloneNer is Transforming Deal Duplication for 'IN RE UAB' in HubSpot

Welcome to the success story of 'IN RE UAB' and CloneNer! Discover how CloneNer, our application for HubSpot, is revolutionizing deal duplication for businesses just like yours.

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Save valuable time duplicating deals with CloneNer, effortlessly preserving all associated records and their interconnections. Activate auto-duplication and eliminate the need for manual copying of crucial data with each instance.

Result 1

With CloneNer, 'IN RE UAB' has experienced a significant boost in efficiency when duplicating deals in HubSpot. The intuitive interface and robust functionality have streamlined their workflow, allowing them to replicate similar sales effortlessly.

Result 2 

Unlike other solutions tested, CloneNer has emerged as the most stable and reliable option. Its seamless performance ensures a hassle-free experience, enabling the team to focus more on their core tasks rather than troubleshooting technical issues.

About the Customer -

'IN RE UAB'  Company


We, at IN RE UAB, help companies operating in the fields of Industry 4.0 and Construction 4.0 to adapt and effectively use the world's leading innovative digital platforms for design, production and product life cycle support.

In re Uab

We see how our solutions and software help engineers and designers around the world - they make the world a better place. And we are happy to contribute to your success!


What 4CRMs (CloneNer) Users Are Saying

Director of Development and Director of Operations of IN RE UAB Andrej Jarmolajev expressed satisfaction with CloneNer, HubSpot's add-on, emphasizing its stability and user-friendly interface. Among several similar solutions tested, CloneNer proved to be the most reliable and the easiest to navigate.

Andrej noted the potential for future use of the application, particularly in the field of automatic deal creation. CloneNer's main goal is to streamline the process of creating sales agreements, which is especially useful for long-term sales projects, saving valuable time.


β€œGreat add-ins for HubSpot! CloneNer saves time when making similar sales. This is relevant when you need to create a deal's where there is a long sales project.”

Jarmolajev, A.

-  Development Director, COO at IN RE UAB

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