Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling: Comparison Guide 2023

Today, we will cover Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling battle to help you choose the right software for your needs!

Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling

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Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling: An Overview

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Patriot Software is a budget-friendly payroll software option tailored for small businesses. It stands out with its straightforward setup process and transparent pricing. The software supports unlimited payroll runs and efficiently handles businesses with multiple locations, making it a great fit for small businesses handling payroll for up to 500 employees. Notably, it even enables paying contractors alongside regular employees, making it a versatile choice.

Paychex, on the other hand, is a cloud-based platform catering to small businesses and enterprises alike. It covers payroll, benefits, and HR processes, making it an excellent choice for companies experiencing rapid growth. Its scalable and flexible plans can accommodate your expanding HR and pay processing needs. The additional convenience of mobile apps for iOS and Android devices allows you to access payroll and HR tools on the go.

Rippling, while primarily known for its core HR features, also offers popular full-service payroll and tax processing tools. It excels in providing unlimited pay runs and offers direct deposit or check payment options for employees. Additionally, Rippling supports various HR tasks like candidate sourcing, onboarding, and offboarding, as well as app security and access management. Its unique ability to toggle professional employer organization (PEO) services on and off adds to its convenience. As a result, Rippling becomes an efficient choice for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) by offering comprehensive HR and IT features all within a single platform.

Summary Table: Patriot Software



Best for

Ideal for startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with up to 350 employees because it offers reasonably priced payroll solutions with full-service and DIY tax filing options.

Key Features

  • Free payroll setup, expert help, direct deposits, and workers' compensation integration;
  • Pay runs with no limits;
  • Customizable hours, money, and deductions, with the ability to create repeated money types;
  • The "Net to Gross Payroll" function simplifies the process of adding net bonus amounts and calculating necessary tax deductions for payroll administrators and business owners;
  • Reporting tools include over 30 payroll, tax, HR, and attendance reports that may be filtered, sorted, and exported.

Easy of Use

The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, particularly for those familiar with payroll operations.

Customer Support

  • Support is available in the United States via phone, email, and live chat;
  • Weekday support is available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday to Friday);
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and an online help center;
  • Premium support is also available (for an extra price) if you need help to correct or adjust tax and payroll data.


  • Full-service payroll: $37 per month plus $4 per employee or contractor;
  • Basic payroll (with DIY tax filings): $17 per month plus $4 per employee or contractor.

Summary Table: Paychex 



Best for

Solopreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses in need of reliable payroll processing and dedicated payroll support.

Key Features

  • Has a comprehensive set of HR and payroll capabilities to manage the whole employee lifecycle—from hiring to retiring;
  • Flexible pay runs enable you to begin payroll processing on a PC and then finish it on the Paychex mobile app (and vice versa);
  • Paychex's "Voice Assist" technology makes payroll processing secure and hands-free;
  • Option to work with a specialized payroll consultant (you can even submit payroll by phone to a payroll specialist).

Easy of Use

Although it is generally simple to use, learning how to navigate through all of its functions may take some time.

Customer Support

  • Support is available by phone and chat around the clock;
  • Paychex users can get help articles in-app and on the company's website;
  • Online FAQs;
  • Access to a specialized HR professional who can provide expert assistance (at an additional cost).


Paychex pricing is custom-priced.

Summary Table: Rippling



Best for

Rippling is perfect for SMBs that need time tracking, payroll processing, employee benefits administration, and other HR functions.

Key Features

  • Rippling is a comprehensive full-service payroll provider that streamlines the payroll process, allowing you to run payroll in just 90 seconds. 
  • The platform also offers expense management, automatically calculating, filing, and paying your payroll taxes, saving you time and effort. 
  • It acts as a professional employer organization (PEO) for high-growth companies, providing comprehensive PEO services to support your workforce.
  • It integrates with hundreds of popular third-party apps, ensuring smooth collaboration across your entire business ecosystem.

Easy of Use

Rippling's simple design makes it easy to navigate through its numerous features. While the UI cannot be customized to represent your brand, you can personalize the workflows to help you automate HR, payroll, and IT processes.

Customer Support

  • Live chat and email support;
  • Online help center with how-to guides;
  • Access to a specialized HR professional who can provide expert advice (this is a paid add-on).


Rippling pricing is custom-priced.

Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling: Features Comparison

Human Resource Features:

  • Patriot Software lacks basic human resource features compared to its competitors Paychex and Rippling. Patriot's payroll plans do not give access to an HR library, and businesses using Patriot for payroll processing cannot integrate the software with any benefits beyond 401(k) plans.
  • Paychex offers comprehensive human resource features, including employee learning and core HR functionalities. Employees can take advantage of online courses to stay educated and up-to-date, while businesses can manage employee feedback, training, and track important documents through the Core HR feature. Paychex also enables applicants and new hires to complete necessary documents directly through the platform.
  • Rippling excels in global workforce management with its Global EOR (Employer of Record) feature. This allows admins to set up new hires with everything they need, such as apps, benefits, time tracking, compliance courses, and PTO policies. The platform dynamically localizes everything based on the employee's work location, making it ideal for international teams.

Time and Attendance Features:

  • Patriot offers add-on time and scheduling software with essential features suitable for most small businesses with hourly employees. This includes a self-service employee time clock, one-click time card approval, one-click payroll updates, and customizable overtime rules. However, it lacks absence, leave, or shift management features and does not have a mobile app for time and attendance.
  • Paychex provides a time and attendance feature that allows businesses and managers to track team activity in real-time through the manager dashboard. Employees can record time, approve timecards, and check schedules through the employee dashboard.
  • Rippling offers a time and attendance feature that automatically tracks employees' hours from clock-in to paycheck, eliminating manual data entry and syncing issues. Employees can clock in and out using a tablet kiosk, the Rippling mobile app, or their computers. The system also notifies admins and teams before potential issues arise, such as approaching overtime.

Specific Features:

  • Patriot provides essential business reports, allowing users to generate reports on income, expenses, net profit, accounts receivable aging, account balances, and unpaid customer invoices.
  • Paychex offers features such as payroll and tax filing, general ledger, reporting, analytics, and integrations with other popular accounting systems.
  • Rippling's additional features include talent management for finding, developing, and engaging top talent, and global workforce management to consolidate employee data from international teams into a single system and calculate and file payroll taxes for employees worldwide.

In conclusion, Patriot excels in essential payroll tools but lacks some HR and time management features offered by Paychex and Rippling. Paychex provides comprehensive HR functionalities and integrates with popular accounting systems. Meanwhile, Rippling stands out with its Global EOR, talent management, and global workforce management features, making it an ideal choice for businesses with international teams.

Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling: Easy of Use

Patriot Software

Patriot Software Accounting Review | PCMag

Patriot Software is known for its ease of use and quick learning curve. The platform offers a comprehensive online help center with a variety of how-to articles, some of which are accompanied by video guides, making it easier for users to navigate and resolve any questions.

The setup process is seamless and user-friendly. With a DIY payroll setup wizard, users can effortlessly configure the system. Additionally, new users receive free assistance from Patriot's representatives during the setup process, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. Even if you join Patriot Software in the middle of a pay period, the provider can assist in inputting your employees' payroll history.

The user-friendly platform also extends to mobile devices, as Patriot Software offers a mobile-friendly interface. This allows users to access the software from tablets and smartphones, provided they have an internet connection. The payroll dashboard contains convenient links for various tasks, such as running payroll, adding employees, generating W-2 forms, and processing contractor payments.

For customer support, Patriot Software offers live expert assistance at no additional cost. Their US-based team is available via chat, email, and phone from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time.

However, when it comes to integration with third-party business software, Patriot Software has limited options, which may be a problem for those relying heavily on such integrations.


Paychex - Connecticut Society of CPAs

While Paychex's online tools are user-friendly, fully exploring all its features may require some time and familiarity with the platform. Although guided onboarding and setup assistance are available for new clients, these services are typically offered in higher-tier plans. However, signing up for a Paychex account and inputting your employee and company information is a straightforward process, especially if you have all the necessary data and only a few employees.

For personalized support, Paychex offers the option to work with a dedicated payroll support specialist. This means you can reach out to a knowledgeable payroll expert who understands your business's specific pay processing needs and receive timely assistance via phone and email. Paychex also provides comprehensive how-to guides, and their 24/7 customer support is accessible through phone and chat, ensuring that help is available whenever it's needed.

In addition to setup assistance and customer support, Paychex offers application programming interface (API) integrations with various third-party software. This includes compatibility with accounting, HR, banking, insurance, retirement, and time clock systems, allowing for seamless data integration and collaboration across different platforms.


Best payroll software for 2023

Rippling has gained recognition for its robust HR tools, but it lacks phone support unless you opt for the paid HR Help Desk add-on. Furthermore, the platform does not offer a customizable interface. Despite these drawbacks, Rippling remains user-friendly and seamlessly integrates with third-party providers.

The setup wizard and how-to guides simplify the process of navigating the platform, allowing you to effortlessly add your employees' profiles, including salary and benefits information. Its workflows and customizable “recipe” templates make it easy to automate HR, IT, and payroll processes.

When you have questions, the in-app chatbot provides quick access to helpful articles. However, if you require assistance from a certified HR representative via phone or email, you will need to subscribe to the HR help desk add-on.

Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling: Recommended for

Patriot Software is the best solution for:

  1. Mom-and-pop businesses: If you have a small team of employees, Patriot Software provides a cost-effective payroll solution. With their basic option, you only pay $17 per month plus $4 per employee, and you handle payroll tax filings. It's a budget-friendly choice for businesses with just a few employees. Alternatively, you can opt for their full-service payroll at $37 per month plus $4 per employee, where they take care of tax filings for you.
  2. Employers with independent contractors: Patriot Software simplifies payroll processing for businesses that hire both employees and independent contractors. You don't need to run separate payrolls for contractors. Their platform handles both payroll and direct deposit payments, making it ideal for managing all types of workers.
  3. Churches and small nonprofits: Leaders of churches and small nonprofits often juggle multiple responsibilities, and payroll is just one of them. Patriot's user-friendly setup process and affordable pricing make it a perfect fit. New users can get help setting up the system for free by providing basic business details. For those who prefer a DIY approach, Patriot's payroll startup wizard is easy to use.

Paychex can be a good fit for:

  1. Companies with employees in multiple states: For businesses with employees spread across different states, Paychex stands out as a superior choice compared to other providers with limited benefits coverage or expensive upgrade requirements for multi-state pay processing. Paychex is designed to efficiently handle payroll, taxes, and compliance in multiple locations, including all 50 states. Not only that, but it also offers comprehensive health insurance and other benefits nationwide, making it an ideal solution for businesses with a diverse workforce.
  2. Retailers and restaurants paying hourly workers: If you're a retailer or a restaurant with hourly workers, Paychex is a recommended payroll software. Its robust online system can effortlessly manage unique payroll needs like tip reporting and multiple pay rates, meeting the specific demands of restaurants and retail businesses. Additionally, the time and attendance add-on enables precise tracking of hourly workers' time, ensuring accurate pay calculations.
  3. Businesses prone to workplace injuries and layoffs: For companies prone to workplace injuries and layoffs, managing workers' compensation can be daunting, especially for small businesses in industries like construction and manufacturing. Paychex addresses this challenge with a variety of insurance plans, including workers' compensation, but at an additional cost. Moreover, it offers state unemployment insurance (SUI) services with continuous monitoring of SUI regulations to ensure compliance and minimize risks.
  4. Companies that need PEO services: For businesses in need of professional employer organization (PEO) services, Paychex PEO takes on the responsibility of managing HR and payroll tasks. Paychex efficiently handles employee benefits, new hire onboarding, and other HR processes, freeing businesses from administrative activities and allowing them to focus on main operations.

Overall, Rippling is an excellent choice for:

  1. Small businesses lacking HR or IT professionals: Rippling offers a comprehensive suite of HR and IT management features. It simplifies employee onboarding and offboarding, provides workflow approval automation, tracks paid time off (PTO), offers full-service payroll, and grants access to health insurance, FSA, HSA, and commuter benefits. The platform also includes HR support staff and the option to use a professional employer organization (PEO).
  2. Businesses with remote workers or global workforce: It's featured in leading online payroll services and the best international payroll software lists due to its ability to track employee work hours and manage app access from anywhere with an internet connection. Rippling payroll efficiently handles wage payments for both employees and contractors worldwide, supporting different currencies via international wire transfers.
  3. Growing companies that need flexibility: You can choose the HR and IT solutions you need, starting with the core workforce management platform, Rippling Unity. Essential modules like payroll, benefits, and time tracking can be added initially, with the option to incorporate more features like applicant tracking, learning management, and app management as your business grows. Furthermore, Rippling seamlessly integrates with over 500 third-party software systems, facilitating easy connections to your existing platforms.
  4. Employers seeking PEO services that can be effortlessly turned off: As one of the top-recommended PEO companies, Rippling distinguishes itself by allowing you to disable its PEO service directly from your account, without going through a lengthy cancellation process. You can switch back to using its HR platform whenever you want.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Patriot Software 

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  • Free setup, expert guidance, and direct deposit services for seamless payroll management;
  • Affordable pricing with various payroll packages and add-ons;
  • Unlimited pay runs, providing flexibility for payroll processing;
  • The "Net to Gross Payroll" feature automatically handles calculations for employee bonuses;
  • US-based customer support is available with extended weekday hours for assistance.


  • Direct deposits require a four-day lead time, except for qualified clients with two-day options;
  • No access to employee benefits through the platform;
  • Additional charges for multistate filings;
  • Time tracking and basic HR solutions come as paid add-ons;
  • Limited integration options with third-party software.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Paychex


  • Diverse payment options for employees, including paychecks with check signing services;
  • Provides 24/7 support and assigns dedicated payroll specialists to clients;
  • Feature-rich platform offering more than just payroll and payroll tax administration solutions.


  • Pricing lacks complete transparency, which may lead to uncertainty for customers;
  • Essential services like recruiting, performance reviews, time tracking, employee benefits, and access to a dedicated HR professional are available as paid add-ons;
  • Additional costs for workers' compensation payment services.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Rippling


  • Flexible HR, payroll, and IT solutions that interconnect smoothly;
  • Extensive integration with over 500 third-party software;
  • Users can activate or deactivate the PEO option as needed;
  • Payroll solution supports international payments.


  • Lack of complete pricing transparency;
  • Rippling Unity platform purchase is required before adding other modules;
  • HR help desk option with phone and email support comes at an additional cost;
  • It's become expensive when you add more features.

Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling: User Reviews 

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Patriot Software

Patriot Software has received predominantly positive reviews from users online. They appreciate its affordability, easy setup process, and efficient payroll tools. The user-friendly interface also receives compliments, as well as the helpfulness of the support team.

Some users, however, mention a desire for more integration options and a mobile app. A few reviewers have experienced occasional software glitches.


As for Paychex, reviewers find it generally easy to use and set up. They like the intuitive employee-side system and the convenience of online hosting. Access to various HR tools and a dedicated payroll specialist for queries is well-received.

Some users encountered challenges in connecting with customer service representatives for specific problems, such as tax issues. Others disliked dealing with separate support teams for different Paychex modules.


In the case of Rippling, most feedback focuses on its payroll and HR solutions. Users appreciate the easy navigation and seamless integration with other software. The portal's functionality for requesting PTO and tracking various types of PTO receives praise, as does the responsiveness of the support team.

However, a few users encountered occasional login issues and software glitches. Some reviewers expressed a desire for more customization options.

Patriot Software vs Paychex vs Rippling: Which One to Choose?

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In conclusion, each of the three software options, Patriot, Paychex, and Rippling, has its unique strengths and is recommended for different types of businesses based on their specific needs.

Patriot Software is an excellent choice for small businesses, mom-and-pop shops, and organizations with independent contractors. Its affordability and ease of use make it an ideal solution for managing payroll and simplifying tax filings.

Paychex is well-suited for companies with employees in multiple states, retailers, and restaurants with hourly workers, and businesses prone to workplace injuries and layoffs. Its comprehensive set of HR and payroll capabilities and dedicated support make it a reliable choice for businesses seeking scalable solutions.

Rippling is the top pick for small businesses lacking HR or IT professionals, those with a remote or global workforce, and growing companies in need of flexible HR and IT solutions. Its seamless integration with third-party software and customizable features cater to the diverse needs of businesses as they expand.

Overall, when choosing between these payroll software options, businesses should consider their specific requirements, size, and future growth plans to make the most suitable choice. User reviews highlight the strengths and areas for improvement for each platform, helping businesses make informed decisions based on real-world experiences.

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