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Top 7 Free HubSpot Themes for Nonprofits

Do you run an NGO or do you want to? You can develop more effectively with HubSpot themes for nonprofits. How? Let’s dig in.

Top 7 Free HubSpot Themes for Nonprofits

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Is HubSpot Beneficial for Nonprofits?

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For nonprofits, HubSpot is really helpful. Here are a few reasons that demonstrate HubSpot's initiative toward nonprofits, in addition to the fact that it has a great CRM with automation & nonprofit campaign capabilities.

1. HubSpot Tools Are 40% Cheaper for Nonprofits

HubSpot has partner opportunities with nonprofit organizations. This means that nonprofits can save 40% on the technology that unifies their core audiences, grows marketing, improves SEO, and streamlines reporting. 

How do you spread the word for a nonprofit? The answer is straightforward: Inbound marketing. What is a more effective way to promote your nonprofit than to use the hub for all of your marketing needs?

HubSpot offers more than other CRMs. It is your key to a single, reliable source for all of your fundraising, marketing, and communication needs.

So isn’t the HubSpot nonprofit pricing sorted now? Just check your NGO’s eligibility because HubSpot will continue to offer 40% recurring discounts on pro+ software.

HubSpot`s Free Drag and Drop Website Builder 

A simple drag-and-drop website builder designed specifically for non-coders is HubSpot CMS. Premium CMS Hub capabilities are available for an extra cost.

You'll appreciate the following top features:

  • You don't require technical knowledge to use HubSpot CMS.
  • You are free to use either custom or standard modules to build the ideal webpage.
  • You can use pre-made HubSpot website themes to simplify the design. 

2.  Charity Donation for Education Focussed Charity During INBOUND Certification Week

HubSpot celebrates certification week, a global virtual conference where participants from different educational backgrounds can take various courses for professional development through HubSpot Academy.

The noticeable thing is, along with urging their audience to get themselves certified, in 2022 HubSpot donated $5 to four NGOs that focus on education for each certification.

It included recertifications and multiple certifications obtained by the same person. This donation cost $50,000 in total.

Additionally, HubSpot gave $35,000 to encourage educational access during World Certification Week 2021.

3. HubSpot Marketplace with Themes and Integrations for Nonprofits

HubSpot can be used by nonprofit organizations to achieve their marketing goals for growth and expansion. In other words, the HubSpot marketplace includes more than 1000 integrations, out of which they have a collection of nonprofits separately. There are 29 apps for nonprofits available right now.

Therefore, the HubSpot asset marketplace also provides the best free HubSpot themes for nonprofits that are just as good as paid ones. 

4. HubSpot Community and Resources for Nonprofits

The fact that HubSpot never allows you to do things alone is undoubtedly one of its greatest benefits. They ensure that they provide enough resources to support you on your journey.

The HubSpot Academy offers many courses that can help you improve your marketing skills. It's an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn about digital marketing, sales, and how to use the HubSpot tool to your NGO's benefit. Get HubSpot training and certification for the greatest results!

Also, you can learn more about a variety of topics from the nonprofit HubSpot content library, including planning, reporting, donor management, etc.

Above all, the HubSpot community enables you to build relationships with more nonprofit owners, donors, and volunteers worldwide. 

7 Free HubSpot Themes for Nonprofits 

Beyond Hybrid Events: The New Ethos for Nonprofits & Supporter Relationships

As an active member of a nonprofit organization, you might want to make it smooth for designing your website. When you can create outstanding HubSpot webpages yourself, why would you need to pay external developers?

According to Charities Aid Foundation figures, there were 1.4 billion NGO donors worldwide in 2014, a significant increase from 1.2 billion in 2011. Moreover, it is predicted that 2.5 billion people will be donors by 2030.

Therefore, you may be certain that you won't lose your donors and volunteers in this decade. However, with an increasing number of nonprofitable organizations and charities, there will also be hard market competition. In order to run a successful NPO, you should avoid losing your website visitors. 

So, are you ready to find your custom one from our list of free HubSpot themes for nonprofits? Let's quickly review them.

1. Kidstar

For many nonprofit organizations, education is a top priority. The Kidstar theme for building a responsive HubSpot CMS website can be used by any nonprofit education chain or NGO working for children's education, child rights & health, and other children's welfare programs.

The Kidstar HubSpot theme for nonprofits also includes:

  • 8 pre-built best HubSpot landing page templates (2 HubSpot blog templates) and 6 reusable website sections
  • 15 system page templates, and 22 drag-and-drop modules

2. NYC Clinic

The NYC Clinic is one of the HubSpot themes available for NGOs focused on advancing global health. For instance, organizations like WHO or the Red Cross. This free HubSpot theme can be used efficiently by healthcare organizations that want to improve public health and conduct research into new technologies for better medical inventions.

The NYC Clinic HubSpot theme includes:

  • 8-page templates including HubSpot blog templates and 15 system page templates
  • 25 drag-and-drop modules and 6 reusable sections

 3. Activism

We have the best option if you are a nonprofit representative for a social cause. One of the strongest themes for nonprofit organizations is Activism, which may be used to raise money for charities, political parties, student unions, or other social causes.

The Activism HubSpot theme for NGOs also provides you with:

  • 8 prebuilt HubSpot website templates and 15 system page templates
  • 6 reusable sections, and 25 modules with drag and drop editor

4. Creed

For nonprofits with a religious focus, Creed is a free yet effective HubSpot theme. Using HubSpot landing page templates of the Creed nonprofit theme, any religious organization, denomination, religious movement, church, mosque, temple, and sect can efficiently create interesting websites.

The Creed HubSpot theme for nonprofits also includes:

  • 8 HubSpot page templates and 15 HubSpot system page templates
  • 8 reusable sections, and 26 drag-and-drop HubSpot modules

5. Petex

The next free HubSpot theme, Petex, can be used by any non-profit organization (NGO) that promotes the protection of animal rights, animal welfare, and animal health. It mostly concentrates on websites for organizations that are committed to preventing the abuse of animals and pets, such as animal rescuers, pet groomers, etc.

Petex provides you with:

  • 8 website page templates and 15-page templates
  • 28 drag-and-drop modules, and 8 reusable sections

6. Food Pandora

Food Pandora is suitable for food donation nonprofits, food wastage prevention NGOs, or charities for hunger. Additionally, you may use it for websites for eateries, restaurants, and hotels using HubSpot CMS.

Food Pandora provides you with:

  • 26 responsive, drag-and-drop HubSpot modules and 9 reusable sections
  • 8 HubSpot website templates, and 11 system templates

7. Trometa

Trometa is the final option in the free HubSpot themes for nonprofits. If your nonprofit organization differs from any of the ones listed above and you're not sure which option to choose, pick this one.

With the help of the Trometa HubSpot theme, you can create engaging HubSpot landing page templates that will encourage visitors to become volunteers and donors. You can create attractive pages, keep your membership, and even sell your services and products.

The Trometa HubSpot theme for nonprofits also includes:

  • 8 HubSpot landing page templates and 11 system page templates
  • 19 reusable sections, and 27 drag-and-drop modules

To Sum Up

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We hope you must have made up your mind about the latest free HubSpot themes for nonprofits. Sincere to say, every HubSpot theme has many alternatives. Your responsibility is to identify your needs and choose the one that best meets them. Therefore, take your time to review each nonprofit theme's details.

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