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Top 15 CRM Conferences in 2024

Discover the benefits of attending CRM conferences - gain valuable insights about CRM events in 2024.

Top 15 CRM Conferences

Jenifer Lie

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a critical aspect of modern business, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, tools, and strategies is essential for success. Attending CRM conferences is an excellent way to gain insights, network with industry professionals, and explore innovative solutions. In 2024, there are numerous CRM conferences that promise to deliver valuable content and opportunities for professionals in the field. Here, we present the top 15 CRM conferences to mark on your calendar for 2024:

  1.  International Conference on Personalized Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (ICPMCRM) – January 11-12
  2.  International Conference on Big Data Computing (ICBDC) - January 28-29
  3. LEAP Tech Conference - March 4-7
  4. Adobe Summit - March 26-28
  5. International Conference on Customer Relationship Management Models and Applications (ICCRMMA) - April 05-06
  6. QCon - April 8-10
  7. Web Summit - April 15-18
  8. Startup Grind Global Conference - April 23 – 24
  9. International Conference on Relationship Marketing and Advertising Management (ICRMAM) - June 03-04
  10. Founders Forum London - June 13-15
  11. CX North America - June 17-20
  12. Collision Conference - June 17-20
  13. Inbound Conference – September 2
  14. International Conference on Advances in Management and Technology (ICAMT) - October 04-05
  15. International Conference on Social Media Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (ICSMMCRM) - November 18-19

Why should you attend CRM conferences in 2024?

Attending Customer Relationship Management (CRM) conferences can be an invaluable opportunity for professionals in various industries. These conferences provide a platform for networking with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential clients, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations. They also offer a wealth of knowledge through keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions, helping attendees stay up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in CRM.

Moreover, CRM conferences can inspire fresh ideas and innovative strategies to enhance customer engagement and retention, ultimately leading to improved business performance. Whether you are a seasoned CRM expert or just beginning to explore the field, these conferences are an excellent way to gain insights, exchange experiences, and explore the vast potential of CRM in today's dynamic business landscape.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of CRM events in 2024, the spotlight on Help Desk Software continues to shine, with several noteworthy platforms making waves.

Tidio, recognized for its intuitive live chat functionality and robust customer support features, has emerged as a key player in empowering businesses to enhance their customer interactions.

Meanwhile, NinjaOne stands out for its comprehensive suite, integrating helpdesk capabilities seamlessly within its broader CRM framework, providing a unified solution for streamlined customer service.

Additionally, Front has been gaining traction for its collaborative approach, offering a centralized platform where teams can manage communication channels effectively.

The innovative features and user-friendly interfaces of Tidio, NinjaOne, and Front underscore their significance as indispensable tools in the CRM landscape of 2024, promising businesses enhanced efficiency and elevated customer experiences.

Top 15 CRM  Events in 2024

International Conference on Personalized Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (ICPMCRM) – January 11-12

NetherlandsLocation: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Management (ICPMCRM - 24)  is an exciting gathering for professionals, academics, and practitioners. Hosted by IIERD, this event offers high-level discussions on solutions, trends, and future prospects. Attend to gain knowledge and valuable connections, engage with experts, and explore new areas of interest through active participation.

As a participant, you can present your research and ideas, receive feedback, and improve your CV. This event provides insights into global advancements in Personalized Marketing and Customer Relationship Management and offers abundant networking opportunities. Connect with business delegates and potential sponsors for your future studies in this dynamic field. Don't miss this event full of socialization, information, and valuable insights.

 International Conference on Big Data Computing (ICBDC) - January 28-29

United StatesLocation: New York, United States

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The International Conference on Big Data Computing brings together academics, researchers, and scholars to exchange experiences and research findings in the field. This interdisciplinary platform fosters discussions on innovations, trends, and practical challenges in Big Data Computing.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit their research abstracts, papers, and e-posters. High-quality contributions, covering various aspects of Big Data Computing, are invited for presentation at the conference. Selected papers may also be considered for a Special Journal Issue on Big Data Computing. The final decision will be based on peer review reports. Don't miss this opportunity to share your research and findings with experts in the field.

LEAP Tech Conference - March 4-7

Saudi ArabiaLocation:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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LEAP, initiated in 2022 by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Saudi Arabia), the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones, and Tahaluf (an Informa company), is an annual tech event held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This conference covers a broad spectrum of topics, including Fintech, Edutech, Smart Cities, Health technology, Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Creative Economies, Cleantech, Investment, Future Energy, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Join over 100,000 tech innovators and global experts to explore fresh ideas, establish partnerships, and connect with influential mentors and investors.

LEAP boasts 500+ expert speakers participating in 11 tech conferences, offering profound insights and cutting-edge content on crucial tech subjects. Review the complete LEAP agenda, filter by stage, tech topics, and speakers to identify the technology seminars that align with your interests.

Adobe Summit - March 26-28

United States-1Location:  Las Vegas, United States

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Adobe Summit, formerly known as Omniture Summit, is a bi-annual gathering organized by Adobe. This event caters to enterprise customers, offering solutions in advertising, analytics, marketing automation, commerce, and customer experience management. It all began in March 2003 when Omniture held its inaugural Summit, primarily aimed at product training and technology showcases. Early conferences often concluded with a day of complimentary skiing near Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Snowbird Resort.

In 2009, Adobe Systems acquired Omniture, and from 2010 onwards, Adobe actively participated in the event, renaming it Adobe Omniture Summit in 2011. By 2013, the Omniture brand was retired, and the event was simplified to Adobe Summit. Initially, Omniture organized international conferences and seminars worldwide. These events later consolidated in London, under the coordination of Adobe and Taylor Bennett Partners, to focus on the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) market.

International Conference on Customer Relationship Management Models and Applications (ICCRMMA) - April 05-06

MexicoLocation:  Mexico City, Mexico

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The International Conference on Customer Relationship Management Models and Applications convenes leading academics, researchers, and scholars to exchange experiences and research findings in the field. This interdisciplinary platform encourages the presentation and discussion of the latest innovations, trends, practical challenges, and solutions in Customer Relationship Management Models and Applications.

Furthermore, this conference collaborates with a Special Journal Issue on the same topic, considering selected high-impact full-text papers. All submitted papers are eligible for this Special Journal Issue and undergo a peer review process. Сonference organizers welcome prospective authors to contribute their research abstracts, papers, and e-posters, particularly high-quality research covering conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in this domain. Please consider submitting your research to shape the conference and share your insights.

QCon - April 8-10

United KingdomLocation:  London, United Kingdom

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For over 17 years, QCon software development conferences have been empowering senior software developers to embrace new technologies and practices. These community-driven events bring together thousands of inspiring attendees to uncover emerging trends and insights from the world's most innovative software professionals, fostering a global software development community.

QCon's conferences feature independent and impartial content, providing senior software engineers, tech leads, and architects with the knowledge and tools they need to drive innovation in the software industry. QCon is the go-to conference for those seeking real-world patterns, practices, and use cases employed by the world's most forward-thinking software companies, organized by the team behind InfoQ.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from software leaders at early adopter companies. Save valuable time and resources, ensuring you're making the right technology and skill choices.

Web Summit - April 15-18

BrazilLocation:   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Web Summit events connect inspiring speakers, startups, multinationals, investors, and attendees. Partners include Microsoft, Siemens, Lenovo, with speakers from Google, Apple, Airbnb, and more. Previous speakers: Reed Hastings, Jack Dorsey, Jane Goodall, Amy Poehler, Al Gore, Margrethe Vestager, Seth Rogen, and Nicole Kidman. Acclaimed as "the world's premier tech conference" by Politico, "where the future is born" by The Atlantic, and for gathering "the biggest names in tech and business" by Reuters.

Web Summit Rio is part of a global series with events in Lisbon, Qatar, Toronto, and Hong Kong. In 2023, Web Summit hosted over 21,000 participants at Riocentro. Across all events, Web Summit has brought together half a million people since its 2009 inception in Dublin.

Web Summit's mission is to create software that fosters meaningful connections among leaders, investors, media, politicians, and cultural influencers shaping the world.

Startup Grind Global Conference - April 23 – 24

United States-1Location:  Redwood City, United States

[Read more here]

SG Global 2024: Join leading startups and scaleups worldwide at this event in Redwood City, CA on April 23-24, 2024.

SG Global is going fully global with over 50 satellite events hosted by Startup Grind Chapters worldwide, culminating in the main event in Silicon Valley. 15,000 community members will unite to explore the next wave of the web, focusing on human-centric products, community impact, and more.

Wherever you are—Silicon Valley, your local community, or online—don't miss the chance to connect with founders, investors, and mentors, addressing key startup challenges like fundraising, sales, marketing, and product development on April 23-24, 2024.

The Startup Grind Global Conference in 2024 prioritizes people, fostering meaningful relationships, community, and connections. It's all about human-first companies and serving diverse consumers. Whether in Silicon Valley or online, you can be a part of this transformative experience with 15,000 peers from around the world. 

International Conference on Relationship Marketing and Advertising Management (ICRMAM) - June 03-04

United StatesLocation: New York, United States

[Read more here]

The International Conference on Relationship Marketing and Advertising Management brings together academics and researchers to exchange insights and research findings. This interdisciplinary platform allows practitioners and educators to discuss innovations, trends, challenges, and solutions in these fields.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit original research contributions, including conceptual, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work. Selected high-impact papers will be considered for a Special Journal Issue, enhancing the conference's reach. Papers undergo a rigorous peer review process, and accepted submissions will be published online without charge.

The conference also offers sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. To participate, interested parties can fill out the Conference Sponsorship Request Form.

Founders Forum London - June 13-15

United KingdomLocation: London, United Kingdom

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Founders Forum is more than a CRM conference; it's an innovation hub. Here, you can explore how startups are utilizing IT to drive success and connect with influential figures from the business world. Founders Forum extends exclusive invitations to a diverse array of esteemed guests, including:

  • Global Leaders: This category encompasses politicians, government officials, Heads of State, members of the Royal Household, leading academics, and renowned thought leaders.
  • Scaled Founders: Successful founders of tech and tech-enabled businesses beyond Series B stage, having secured at least £50 million in funding or boasting a valuation exceeding £500 million.
  • CEOs: Chief Executives of industry-leading companies and global brands, primarily representing FTSE 200 and Fortune 500 firms.
  • Investors: Partner-level investors from reputable venture capital firms, specializing in innovative entrepreneurship, and serial angel investors with proven track records in backing early-stage unicorn businesses.
  • Rising Stars: Emerging entrepreneurs at the Seed or Series A stage, armed with game-changing ideas and businesses that have secured upwards of £1 million in funding.

CX North America - June 17-20

United StatesLocation: Nashville, United States

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Customer experience teams face the challenge of building loyalty and retaining customers. To do this, CX leaders must establish a customer-centric growth engine aligned with business goals, embedding customer insights across the ecosystem for results. Join CX North America on June 17-20, 2024, to discover how to scale the CX function and achieve excellence.

In just three days and over 100 sessions led by 60+ analysts, learn how CX, digital, and marketing leaders can collaborate to adapt to changing customer and market demands while delivering consistent business value. Gain insights on transforming CX into a center for excellence, inspiring customer-centric strategies that differentiate your business and foster loyalty for growth.

At CX North America, you'll also receive expert guidance on leading through economic and social uncertainty, crafting a CX strategy for short and long-term growth, attracting and retaining customers, maximizing your investment, and sustaining excellence while avoiding CX burnout.

Collision Conference - June 17-20

CanadaLocation: Toronto, Canada

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Collision assembles the best speakers from tech and various industries to discuss over 30 topics. Join inspiring talks, masterclasses, Q&As, and unique experiences. Teams from top global companies convene at Collision for shared experiences and fresh ideas. Break the routine and engage in conversations that spark innovation.

As per The Wall Street Journal, Collision offers a diverse array of sessions covering technology, digital media, music, politics, and culture. Inc. Magazine highlights it as the conference everyone wants to attend. Connect with influential media figures as Collision draws journalists from prestigious publications like Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, CNN Business, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal. Collision's content appeals to a broad industry audience seeking the latest in tech innovation, as noted by Recode.

Inbound Conference – September 2-5

United StatesLocation: Boston, United States

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INBOUND 2024, hosted by HubSpot, is set to transform the industry at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC), MA, from September 2th. This immersive, in-person event combines the energy of an incubator and the expertise of an accelerator.

What's new:

  • All-Star Lineup: Industry icons, marketing and sales leaders, wellness experts, and renowned authors will inspire you.
  • Startup Pitch Competition: Witness innovation as emerging businesses compete with groundbreaking ideas.
  • Human Connection: Join a global community for transformative growth, meaningful conversations, and actionable insights.
Why attend:

200+ Speakers: Gain insights from thought leaders.
180+ Sessions: Unlock career opportunities, scale your business, and make connections.
Immersive Experience: Enjoy the in-person atmosphere, or watch the free live stream on the HubSpot YouTube channel.
Join HubSpotters and INBOUNDers in Boston next September to learn and engage in discussions about marketing, content, sales, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). 

International Conference on Advances in Management and Technology (ICAMT) - October 04-05


Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

[Read more here]

The dynamic nature of technology offers both opportunities and challenges for businesses. In the modern world, virtually all businesses rely heavily on technology for their daily operations, from the simplest to the most complex tasks.

ICAMT is an interdisciplinary conference that bridges the realms of Management and Technology. It serves as a platform for researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to convene and exchange insights on cutting-edge developments in the field. This conference offers a global forum for sharing knowledge and advancements in the theory, methodology, and applications of Management Technology.

International Conference on Social Media Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (ICSMMCRM) - November 18-19

SingaporeLocation: Singapore, Singapore

[Read more here]

The International Conference on Social Media Marketing and Customer Relationship Management is dedicated to fostering a global exchange of knowledge and insights among leading academic scientists, researchers, and scholars. It aims to facilitate discussions and the sharing of research findings across a wide spectrum of topics in Social Media Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. This conference serves as a dynamic, multidisciplinary platform where scholars, practitioners, and educators converge to explore the latest developments, trends, challenges, and solutions within these domains. Key themes include:

  • Business Engagement on Social Networking Websites
  • Social Customer Relationship Management
  • Mobile Phone-Driven Business Strategies
  • Innovative Approaches to Social Media Marketing
  • The Intersection of Public Relations and Social Media Marketing
  • Unpacking the Advantages of Social Media Marketing
  • Assessing the Economic Impact of Social Media Marketing
  • Analyzing the Impact on Traditional Advertising Strategies
  • Exploring Modern Marketing Techniques
  • Strategic Planning for Social Media Content

This conference is your gateway to a wealth of knowledge and collaboration in the ever-evolving realms of Social Media Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.

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The CRM Conferences in 2024 will offer a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of Customer Relationship Management. The key takeaways will reveal an industry that is embracing AI, data analytics, omnichannel engagement, IoT, and cloud-based solutions to better serve customers and drive business growth. As we move further into this tech-driven era, CRM is no longer just a tool but a strategy that empowers organizations to thrive in the competitive landscape. With the insights and connections forged at these conferences, businesses will be poised to unlock new possibilities and deliver exceptional customer experiences in the years ahead.


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