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How CloneNer Saves Time and Increases Revenue for Caredove

Step into the success narrative of 'Caredove' and CloneNer! Unveil the power of CloneNer in improving deal duplication for enterprises akin to yours.

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CloneNer  provides tangible benefits for Caredone such as time savings, increased operational efficiency, and potentially higher renewal rates leading to increased revenue generation.

5 Hours Time Savings

The customer mentions that using CloneNer saves them approximately 5-10 minutes for each deal they have to duplicate. Let's take a conservative estimate of 5 minutes saved per deal. If they have to renew over 50% of their customers in a short period, let's say 60 deals, then the total time saved per year would be: 60 dealsร—5 minutes/deal=300 minutes.
That's 300 minutes or 5 hours saved monthly just on deal duplication.

Improve Work Efficiency

By streamlining the process of transitioning between sales and operations, CloneNer facilitates smoother operations. This can lead to fewer errors, better coordination between teams, and ultimately, improved customer satisfaction. While it's challenging to put a precise monetary value on this benefit, the reduction in errors and improved customer experience could indirectly contribute to increased revenue and retention.

$5,000 in additional revenue per year

By efficiently managing renewals and ensuring a seamless transition, CloneNer likely contributes to higher renewal rates. Let's say, for example, that CloneNer helps increase the renewal rate by just 5%. If the company's annual revenue from renewals is $100,000, then a 5% increase would mean an additional: 0.05ร—$100,000=$5,000.
That's $5,000 in additional revenue per year directly attributable to using CloneNer for renewal processes.

About the Customer -'Caredove'  Company


Jeff Doleweerd and Tim Berezny, the founders of Caredove, dedicated countless hours to analyzing the process through which patients access home care and community services. They repeatedly encountered common issues: overwhelmed intake staff struggling to manage referrals, backlogs of voicemails and faxes, and patients experiencing difficulties in accessing care. In response to these challenges, Caredove was established in 2012 with the aim of addressing these longstanding problems.


We build software that helps community health agencies.We are proud to work with more than 700 Organizations across Canada. Every eReferral sent through Caredove means a seamless transition in a client's health care journey, keeping them safe, healthy and happy at home.


What 4CRMs (CloneNer) Users Are Saying

Among the myriad deal duplication tools they've experimented with, CloneNer emerges as the undisputed champion for Jules Roebbelen, Customer Success Manager at Caredove. With over half of their clientele up for renewal during the government fiscal year's end, efficiency is paramount. CloneNer swoops in as the hero, seamlessly replicating deals with a slew of features that effortlessly bridge the sales-to-operations chasm.

For Roebbelen, the convenience is crystal clear: closing one term's deal and instantly birthing its renewal counterpart saves precious minutes, tallying up to a substantial time rescue of 5-10 minutes per duplicate deal. With no discernible drawbacks, CloneNer is hailed as the ultimate time-saving, hassle-free companion in the realm of HubSpot apps wizardry.

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