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Improving Educational Management Processes in using CloneNer

Welcome to CloneNer for the education sector! Our platform is specifically designed for educational institutions to optimize data and contract management processes, fostering efficient organization and ensuring information security.

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About CloneNer for Schools and Universities

Why Choose CloneNer for Education?

CloneNer not only simplifies the work of educational institutions but also lays the groundwork for improving the quality of education. Its flexibility and integrated system allow adaptation to the needs of any type of educational institution, making the education process more efficient and accessible.

Benefits of using CloneNer for Universities and Schools 

High-Impact Solutions for Educational Institutions

Below are common scenarios that we believe CloneNer can assist with.

Simplified Data Exchange between Departments

CloneNer facilitates easy data exchange among different departments within educational institutions. Select the required contract, create a new title, define the necessary pipeline and deal stage, and choose the associations to be copied. 

Confidential Information Protection

We understand the importance of safeguarding confidential information in education. CloneNer employs advanced technologies to secure data, including students' personal information and internal procedures

Process Management Enhancement

Our application helps eliminate shortcomings in internal processes within educational institutions. Simply create a copy of the required agreement and ensure accuracy and promptness in internal documentation.

Academic Project Management

In educational institutions, particularly universities and colleges, projects and collaborative research are crucial to the learning process. CloneNer enables students and educators to swiftly exchange necessary project information by creating duplicates of agreements and connections for easy access to required data by all participants.

Streamlining Student Recruitment Processes

During the admission process for new students in universities and colleges, CloneNer helps quickly create duplicates of agreements and connections related to admissions, providing fast access to applicant information for the admissions committee and expediting admission procedures.

Enhancing Access to Educational Resources

CloneNer promotes easier access to educational materials, swiftly duplicating agreements and connections, providing students, learners, teachers, and management with easy access to necessary information for successful learning and educational process management.


Examples of Using CloneNer


1. School Administration

Ensuring convenient access to student data, overseeing educational programs, and monitoring academic progress.


2. University Management

Improving the efficiency of admissions procedures, facilitating collaboration among different faculties, and closely tracking student achievements.


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