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CloneNer for Healthcare - Managing Hospital Using HubSpot

Welcome to CloneNer for healthcare! Our innovative HubSpot application is specifically designed for the healthcare sector, aiding in streamlining contract management and patient relationships, improving work efficiency, and ensuring high-level data security.


About CloneNer for healthcare

How does it work?

CloneNer offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to copy and duplicate agreements and patient relationships, ensuring accuracy and speed of information processing. 

Looking to replicate a similar deal for a new client? Or perhaps your colleagues from another department require specific details about this deal for their tasks. It's a simple process!

With the CloneNer app, just pick the deal you want, create a new title, select the desired Pipeline and Deal Stage, and choose the Associations you wish to duplicate. That's it! The replicated deal is instantly placed in its designated spot.

Benefits of using CloneNer for Healthcare

High-Impact Solutions for the Medical Industry

Below are common scenarios that we believe CloneNer can assist with.

Improved Communication and Collaboration among Staff

CloneNer is designed to enhance internal communication needs of medical institutions. It enables easy duplication of agreements and patient relationships, facilitating faster information exchange between doctors and administrators.

Confidentiality Protection and Data Security

We understand the importance of preserving the confidentiality of medical information. CloneNer utilizes advanced technologies to ensure robust data protection for patients' sensitive information, adhering to all security standards.

Refinement of Internal Processes

The application helps avoid shortcomings in internal processes by simplifying the creation of duplications of agreements and information links. This optimization saves time and resources, enhancing the efficiency of medical staff.

Efficient Patient Data Management

CloneNer enables easy duplication not only of agreements but also associated patient data. This allows medical institutions to effectively manage and process patient information, contributing to accurate diagnostics and proper treatment.

Optimization of Interactions with Insurance Companies

Medical institutions often face challenges in interacting with insurance companies. CloneNer simplifies duplicating agreements and payment information, easing the process of interaction and reducing possible errors.

Select a plan (Subject to Negotiation)

Early-bird Pricing Model

Continue using CloneNer for free by helping us with a few questions, and we'll renew your plan.

$0 / month

for small businesses

What’s included:
Elements Image 10 duplications (clones) / month
Elements Image Duplicate across pipelines and stages
Elements Image Available to all portal users
$99 / month

for large companies

What’s included:
Elements Image 200 duplications (clones) / month
Elements Image Duplicate across pipelines and stages
Elements Image Keep All Associations
Elements Image Clone using Auto-Rules (up to 50 instances)
Elements Image Available to all portal users

CloneNer for healthcare

Join Us Today

Let CloneNer be your reliable assistant in addressing management and data preservation tasks in the medical field. Join us today and provide your organization with new opportunities for development and security!

CloneNer - your dependable partner in achieving medical successes and ensuring high-quality healthcare!





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