Duplicate Deals in HubSpot: A Comprehensive Guide

Streamline CRM Efficiency with Duplicate Deals in HubSpot - Discover how to effortlessly manage and eliminate duplicate deals in HubSpot CRM for enhanced accuracy and sales productivity.

Duplicate Deals in HubSpot
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John Maret

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on managing and eliminating duplicate deals in HubSpot

How to Use CloneNer App for Deal Duplication [Guide]

1) Please navigate to your HubSpot account and select the deal you wish to clone.

2) Locate the CloneNer widget in the right sidebar and click on "Duplicate Deal". This action will prompt a popup window to appear, unveiling your CloneNer workspace.

3) Choose a New Deal Name, select the Pipeline and Deal Stage (if applicable).

4) In the 'Additional Properties' section, you can optionally add some properties via the UI to streamline the cloning process within the CloneNer

5) Also, select associations you wish to preserve in the new deal in the section "Choose Deal Associations"

6) Once the above steps are completed, click the "Clone Deal" button. Right after that, you'll see the message "The deal  created successfully! Click here to see".

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We'll provide you with the insights you need to tackle duplicate deals in HubSpot confidently, ensuring that your sales team stays on track to close deals effectively. So, let's get started as we uncover the ins and outs of duplicate deals in HubSpot and how to manage them efficiently.

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In the fast-paced world of sales, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Duplicate deals can be a significant hindrance to both. Fortunately, HubSpot, a popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, offers robust tools to help you manage and eliminate duplicate deals, ensuring your sales team stays focused on what matters—closing deals. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the nuances of dealing with duplicate deals in HubSpot and equip you with the knowledge to keep your CRM database clean and efficient.

Managing duplicates in HubSpot is pivotal for maintaining accurate data and maximizing efficiency. Beyond HubSpot, businesses can benefit from a range of specialized software.

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Google Workspace stands out for its collaborative tools and project management features, facilitating seamless teamwork and task delegation. provides an intuitive interface for managing workflows and projects with customizable boards and automation.

Pipedrive excels in sales pipeline management, offering a user-friendly CRM platform to enhance sales processes.

Mix, with its comprehensive suite of communication and collaboration tools, enables teams to connect effortlessly.

Exploring these diverse business software options beyond HubSpot can amplify productivity and streamline operations.

Automatically duplicate a deal in HubSpot

At its core, the "Duplicate Deal" function in HubSpot serves a pivotal role in simplifying and expediting your workflow. This feature empowers users to effortlessly replicate an existing deal within the CRM system. It might seem like a small feature, but its impact is significant. Here's a more in-depth look at how it operates:

  • Seamless Duplication: With this tool, the often tedious and error-prone task of manually inputting a plethora of deal properties becomes a thing of the past. You can duplicate an existing deal with a few clicks, ensuring that all relevant information is copied accurately. This seamless duplication process not only saves you valuable time but also reduces the likelihood of data entry mistakes.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Imagine the scenario of managing multiple deals with similar attributes, such as deal amount, products or services involved, or deal stages. Instead of recreating each deal from scratch, the "Duplicate Deal" function allows you to clone a deal effortlessly. This significantly enhances your efficiency, as you can focus on refining the necessary details rather than starting from square one.
  • Minimized Risk: Manual data entry is prone to errors, no matter how meticulous you are. Duplicating deals manually increases the risk of inconsistencies between records. The "Duplicate Deal" feature minimizes this risk by ensuring that the duplicated deal aligns precisely with the original, reducing data discrepancies that could lead to confusion or inaccurate reporting.

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In essence, the "Duplicate Deal" function is a valuable time-saving and error-reducing tool within HubSpot, streamlining your deal management process and contributing to a more efficient and accurate CRM experience.


How Duplicate Deals in HubSpot Works

Are you prepared to initiate the process of duplicating deals? Setting it up is a breeze. All you need to do is establish your automation logic, much like the "If This, Then That" concept you might be familiar with. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Access the User Guide: Begin by opening the user guide, which provides detailed instructions for setting up the deal duplication feature.

  2. Creating a New Automation Rule: Next, you'll create a new automation rule within your HubSpot account. This rule will define the conditions under which deal duplication should occur.

  3. Define Source Deal Conditions: Specify the pipeline and stage conditions that apply to the source deal. This is the deal that will serve as the basis for duplication.

  4. Specify Duplicate Deal Conditions: Now, choose the pipeline and stage conditions for the duplicate deal. This is where the duplicated deal will be placed.

  5. Activation Upon Condition Fulfillment: When the specified conditions are met, the deal duplication will trigger automatically. This means that the deal will duplicate precisely where and when you want it within your CRM.

By following these straightforward steps, you'll have your deal duplication process up and running smoothly, automating the process intelligently to match your unique workflow requirements.

If you're a regular user of HubSpot, you're likely aware that until recently, duplicating deals in your CRM was a challenging task. Many users expressed the need for a more efficient way to duplicate deals without the tedious process of copying numerous registered properties one by one.

This necessity especially affects marketing agencies and companies employing a multi-pipeline strategy or pursuing an MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) approach.

Enter Clonner for HubSpot—an app that simplifies the deal duplication process. With just a few clicks, you can clone a deal along with all its associated properties.

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In this blog post, we'll delve into how Clonner works, addressing some of the most common questions users have:


1. What's the Difference Between the Free and Paid Plans?

  • The free plan grants access to a single user, allowing manual duplication of deals one by one.
  • The Pro plan is designed for teams, enabling multiple collaborators to use it. It also includes the ability to create automation rules for a more streamlined experience.

2. What HubSpot Properties and Information Can Be Cloned?

Clonner for HubSpot simplifies the cloning of deals, their properties, and associated products, eliminating the need for manual setup and re-entry of all this data.

3. What About Emails, Notes, Calls, and Activities Related to a Deal? Do They Get Cloned Too?

Unfortunately, engagements from the original deal activity will not be duplicated.

4. Can a Cloned Deal Appear in Different HubSpot Pipelines Simultaneously?

Absolutely! A cloned deal can appear in multiple HubSpot pipelines concurrently, without any systematic link between these deals. This allows for separate handling by different users working with the deal.

Our satisfied customers attest to Clonner's benefits, considering it an excellent technology solution for their sales and marketing teams. Michelle Timm from MG Stover praises its time-saving qualities and data integrity assurance.

5. How Many Deals Can Be Duplicated Automatically?

Clonner relies on the official HubSpot CRM API, enabling the duplication of 200 deals in just 10 seconds and up to 1,000,000 daily. Rest assured, you can efficiently work with all the deals you need.

6. How Does Clonner for HubSpot Operate?

Once you have Clonner integrated into your HubSpot portal, you gain the ability to clone deals both manually and automatically. This flexibility empowers you to tailor the duplication process to your specific needs, enhancing your workflow and productivity.

Discover the power of Clonner for HubSpot and unlock its potential for your sales and marketing teams. Start here and experience a more efficient and hassle-free way to manage your deals.

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Use Case: Streamlining Monthly Contract Renewals with HubSpot Deal Duplication

  • Scenario: You are a sales professional managing month-to-month contracts for a growing client base. Every month, you need to create new deals in your HubSpot CRM to keep track of these contract renewals. However, entering the same information repeatedly is time-consuming and prone to errors. You're looking for an efficient way to automate the deal creation process.
  • Solution: HubSpot offers a powerful solution to address your specific needs. By setting up a workflow, you can streamline the duplication of deals, making it effortless to manage month-to-month contract renewals.

Steps to Implement the Solution:

  1. Identify the Trigger: Begin by identifying a trigger that signifies the need to create a new deal. For instance, you can set up a separate workflow that updates a specific field when a contract is up for renewal. This could be based on the contract end date.

  2. Create a Workflow: In your HubSpot account, access the workflow tool. Create a new workflow, and define the trigger you identified in step 1. This trigger will initiate the workflow when the specified condition is met.

  3. Configure Workflow Actions: Within the workflow, configure the action step to create a new deal. HubSpot's workflow automation allows you to specify the properties and values for the new deal. You can pre-fill these fields with the relevant information, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

  4. Test the Workflow: Before deploying the workflow in a live environment, test it to ensure that it correctly identifies the trigger and creates new deals with accurate information.

  5. Activate the Workflow: Once you're satisfied with the workflow's performance, activate it. Now, every time a contract is up for renewal (as indicated by the trigger you set), the workflow will automatically create a new deal with the required information.

Benefits: This automated workflow solution offers several advantages:

  • Time Savings: By eliminating the need for manual data entry, you save valuable time that can be allocated to more strategic tasks.
  • Reduced Errors: Automation reduces the risk of data entry errors, ensuring that deal information is accurate.
  • Efficiency: Managing month-to-month contract renewals becomes more efficient and less cumbersome.
  • Consistency: Each duplicated deal follows a standardized format, improving consistency in your CRM.

With HubSpot's workflow automation, you can effortlessly manage your month-to-month contract renewals and focus on building stronger relationships with your clients.


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